Advanced Technology

Pound for pound, stronger than steel.
Our flooring is a superior combination of sustainable materials and advanced technology that produces a product 30% stronger than traditionally manufactured flooring.

Rigorous Testing

SafetyCore Measures Up!
Testing has shown SafetyCore formaldehyde emissions measure less than half the stringent standards set by the California Air Resources Board. Plus, our flooring has earned a Janka Hardness Scale rating of 950 (similar in density to many species of hardwood) while other plywood-core products score in the 500-700 range.

World Class Warranty

We have you covered.
Our warranty provides for full replacement of all properly-handled, stored, acclimated, installed and maintained installations, with no delamination for the entire duration of homeownership.

Truly Sustainable

Protecting the future.
SafetyCore is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as a 100% sustainable product, made from selectively prepared new wood strands sourced from sustainable forests and tree farms. We use over 90% of the sourced log, with the remainder used to supply the energy to manufacture.

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